EOSC-Core Components

FAIRCORE4EOSC will develop a set of nine EOSC-Core components necessary to enable a FAIR EOSC ecosystem, improving the discoverability and interoperability of an increased amount of research outputs.
EOSC Research Discovery Graph

Deliver advanced discovery tools across EOSC resources and communities.


Improve the way of interlinking research entities across domains and data sources on the basis of PIDs.

EOSC Metadata Schema and Crosswalk Registry

Support publishing, discovery and access of metadata schemas and provide functions to operationalise metadata conversions by combining crosswalks.

EOSC Data Type Registry

Provide user friendly APIs for metadata imports and access to different data types and metadata mappings.

EOSC PID Meta Resolver

Offer users a single PID resolving API in which any kind of PID can be resolved through a single, scalable PID resolving infrastructure.

EOSC Compliance Assessment Toolkit

Support the EOSC PID policy compliance and implementation.

EOSC Research Activity Identifier Service

Mint PIDs for research projects, allowing to manage and track project related activities.

EOSC Research Software APIs and Connectors

Ensure the long-term preservation of research software in different disciplines.

EOSC Software Heritage Mirror

Equip EOSC with a mirror of the Software Heritage universal source code archive.

The components will be developed and tested within five thematic case studies to make sure that they align with actual user needs and can also contribute to further improving the experience and effectiveness of the EOSC Marketplace. FAIRCORE4EOSC works in close collaboration with other key initiatives in the EOSC ecosystem, including the EOSC Association, EOSC Future and FAIR-IMPACT.