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D1.2 FAIRCORE4EOSC Technical Specifications

Uploaded on: 04 May 2023

Suominen, Tommi; Atzori, Claudio; Baglioni, Miriam; Tsapelas, Christos; Katsogiannis, George; Chatzopoulos, Serafeim; Vergoulis, Thanasis; Eleftherakis, Stavroula; Manghi, Paolo; Iatropoulou, Katerina; Galouni, Konstantina; Wimalaratne, Sarala; Kesäniemi, Joonas; Broeder, Daan; Bingert, Sven; Ariyo, Chris; Lienhop, Hans; Tolley, Shorn; Leney, Rob; Liffers, Matthias; MCCafferly, Siobhan; Barlow., Melanie; Simons, Natasha; Zamani, Themis; Holm Nielsen, Lars; Hugo, Wim; Steinhoff, Wilko; Wagner, Michael; Elbers, Willem; Ahmed, Ramy-Badr; Monteil, Alain; Medves, Maud; Azzouz, Maxence; Schubotz, Moritz; Snyder, Kyle; van de Sanden, Mark; Tatum, Clifford; Widmann, Heinrich; Märkälä, Anu; Kauranen, Pihla

The FAIRCORE4EOSC project started in June 2022 and will deliver nine new EOSC-Core components in support of a FAIR research life cycle, bridging the gaps identified in the EOSC SRIA. More specifically, the components will enable an EOSC PID infrastructure, .. Read more

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Software source code preservation, reference and access - A Pillar for Open Science and Reproducibility

Uploaded on: 20 Oct 2022

Douard, David; Zacchiroli, Stefano

Provide services to EOSC partners

  • Deposit or Save software source code artifacts in the Software Heritage archive
  • Get intrinsic Persistent Identifiers to any source code artifact used in a research project available.. Read more

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Software documentation

FAIRCORE4EOSC RSAC component specifications

Uploaded on: 16 Dec 2022

Di Cosmo, Roberto; Gruenpeter, Morane; Nielsen, Lars Holm; Hugo, Wim; Amehd, Ramy-Badr; Monteil, Alain; Medves, Maud; Maxence, Azzouz; Manghi, Paolo; Vergoulis, Thanasis

In 2021, the Scholarly Infrastructures of Research Software (SIRS) report, was published including a set of recommendations to allow EOSC to include software, in the scholarly ecosystem, next to publications and data. The SIRS report was built upon a survey.. Read more

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FAIRCORE4EOSC Project Briefing #3

Uploaded on: 14 Mar 2023

Suominen, Tommi; Märkälä, Anu; van de Sanden, Mark; Elbers, Willem; Drago, Federico; Fetisova, Valeriya

The third FAIRCORE4EOSC Briefing provides an overview of the latest technical updates, the progress on case studies and related requirements, and the major project's achievements. Additionally, the Briefing summarises the next meetings and ext.. Read more

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FAIRCORE4EOSC Project Briefing #2

Uploaded on: 13 Dec 2022

Suominen, Tommi; Drago, Federico; Märkälä, Anu; van de Sanden, Mark; Fetisova, Valeriya; Elbers, Willem

The second FAIRCORE4EOSC Briefing summarises the latest technical updates on the components development, the progress on case studies and the major achievements. Furthermore, it includes an overview of FAIRCORE4EOSC participation in events and forged synerg.. Read more

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FAIRCORE4EOSC Project Briefing #1

Uploaded on: 30 Sep 2022

Suominen, Tommi; Van de Sanden, Mark; Märkälä, Anu; Eskevich, Maria; Willems, Marieke; Drago, Federico; Abergas-Arteza, Julie

FAIRCORE4EOSC is envisioned to work in close collaboration with other actors in the EOSC ecosystem, including the EOSC Association itself, the H2020 project EOSC-Future, as well as the .. Read more

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LaTeX formulae from English Wikipedia

Uploaded on: 30 Dec 2022

Schubotz; Obrovac

Public dump of LaTeX (texvc) input used in English Wikipedia

Initially appeared in the public in the following form;origin= Read more

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