Compliance Assessment Toolkit (CAT)



The main objective of WP2 is the creation of a Compliance Assessment Toolkit for EOSC: a set of concepts, implemented as a graph database and accessible via APIs, and supported by user interfaces via the APIs. 

The Compliance Assessment Toolkit will support the EOSC PID policy with services to encode, record, and query compliance with the policy. To do so, a wide range of compliance requirements ( TRUST, FAIR, PID Policy, Reproducibility, GDPR, Licences) will be evaluated as use cases for definition of a conceptual model. At the same time, vocabularies, concepts, and designs are intended to be re-usable for other compliance needs: TRUST, FAIR, POSI, CARE, Data Commons, etc. This will be followed by a supporting service specification (the framework), accompanied  by development and testing of operational services for PID Policy Compliance monitoring. Though primarily aimed at machine-actionable operations, the API-based services will be complemented by user interfaces to broaden its use.


The component will create the following resources:

  1. Vocabulary services, based on a conceptual model, that can be used to characterise, describe, and encode compliance regimes - with an operational version of the EOSC PID Compliance regime deployed. We will also include beta versions of other compliance assessment regimes - specifically FAIR and TRUST. These can be used as a starting point for operationalisation of additional regimes.
  2. API services (REST APIs) that allows for the encoding, recording, and querying of compliance assessments. Operational examples will support EOSC PID Policy compliance, while FAIR and TRUST will be available as beta versions.
  3. User Interfaces based on the APIs that support the use of the APIs within websites and applications.


  • CAT should support a procedure on how to enable the assessment and select the type of role in the PID Ecosystem. 
  • CAT Vocabulary Management: Record and maintain vocabulary entries
  • CAT Management of  compliance assessment event: 
  • Query the database to obtain a variety of views - vocabulary listings, object compliance reports and history, compliance assessment method comparisons.
  • API endpoints for other systems to use the compliance assessment toolkit. 
  • UI Dashboard views - summary of scope of assessment in the graph database
  • UI Object views - summary of the compliance history of an object
  • Easy to use UI with functional consistency (behavior), objects working in the same way throughout the interface.
  • User-friendly interfaces: interfaces that encourage exploration without fear of negative consequences.
  • Wizard-like UI, fully documented so as to help the users understand the what, how and why. 


  • Validate - Update with examples the EOSC PID Policy report
  • Operational service for PID Policy compliance assessment in EOSC Standardisation of the compliance assessment landscape
    • Horizontally - across different compliance assessment regimes
    • Vertically - across different assessment tools and metrics within an assessment regime