EOSC Service Providers & RDM Communities


*RDM Communities refers to Research Data Management Communities 



Research communities require data services that improve the overall quality of research data, the discovery, access and re-usability of research data and, overall, support producing reproducible science.


Case study description

EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure provides a suite of interoperable data services for all research disciplines. This case study answers the general need of research communities for interoperable data services that facilitate discovery, access and reusability of research data. To meet these requirements, EUDAT services B2FIND and B2SHARE will be enhanced and improved through the integration of the MSCR, DTR, RD- and PID Graphs, RAiD and CAT components. For example, research communities will benefit from the MSCR and DTR by being able to perform and validate the mapping of their specific metadata schemas to the generic B2FIND schema by themselves, whereas the RD- and PID Graphs and RAiD will be used to enrich the information on the datasets deposited to the EUDAT services. CAT will be used to assess and improve EOSC compatibility of B2SHARE.


Expected impact

This case study improves the FAIRness of research data by adopting the new components in the EUDAT generic data services and technologies. It also provides a blueprint for additional service providers on integrating and benefiting from the FAIRCORE4EOSC components. The impact of this case study is thus directed both to the users of the domain-agnostic data services and the developers and operators of infrastructure services adopting EUDAT technologies.

EOSC Service Providers & RDM Communities

Adopted components