Currently math related data is reachable to scientists via the web gateways provided by the zbMATH Open, for mathematical assets information, and swMATH, for mathematical software and links to publications. Such services and the related content are however not integrated with the EOSC-Core services and therefore not available via the EOSC Catalogue.

Case study description

The mathematical community represented by FIZ proposes the integration of zbMATH Open and swMATH services, as well as of the related manually curated and aggregated metadata, with the FAIRCORE4EOSC components, by integrating research software metadata and links in the EOSC RD- and PIDGraph, and integrating with EOSC PIDMR. As a consequence, zbMATH Open and swMATH and related content will become available for discovery and stats via the EOSC-Core. Moreover, they will be able to enrich their metadata by interlinking to other objects (e.g. organisations, authors, datasets, services) via the EOSC graph technologies and overall widen their visibility to other disciplines, users, services via the EOSC

Expected impact

With mathematics being the language of exact sciences, researchers in many fields will benefit from a more seamless integration of the math specific and the general purpose information systems. Access to well curated mathematical research data and software will yield numerous applications, facilitating the exploitation of mathematical information throughout all fields driven by the analysis of data, models, simulations and algorithms.


Adopted components