EOSC Software Heritage Mirror



The EOSC Software Heritage Mirror (SWHM) is a copy of the Software Heritage universal source code archive, operated in agreement with, but independently from the Software Heritage organization. In order to prevent information loss, a mirror of Software Heritage will be established by GRNET to serve the EOSC community and will be updated regularly to follow the growth of the universal source code archive.


  • An independent copy of the universal source code archive where the following existing features will be available:
    • Browse and search
    • Reference a software artifact using the SWHID
    • Download content
    • Access using the API


  • An EOSC Mirror is an addition to the SWH mirror network which will improve software availability, prevent information loss and ultimately ensure unfettered access to software source code for all, reducing risk of data loss due to uncontrolled events.
  • Increased sharing and accessibility to research software artifacts