Phase 3 – Cross Integration BETA Release. Discover all the details in the Project Briefing #7!

Following a period of extensive development and anticipation, FAIRCORE4EOSC has reached a notable milestone with the BETA release of its core components. This next phase allows for initial testing and feedback from case studies, an essential step in the project's progression. This has been a long time coming, from setting requirements for the components at Month 8 of the project to waiting for the first iteration of implementation to be completed at month 18. Even though not all functionalities will be available at this stage, this is when the Case Studies can start feeding back to the component development and start making concrete evaluations of the utility of the features being developed for the components. 

From the Technical perspective, after the BETA release the technical teams focused on Deliverable D1.3, which reports on the BETA release of components and planned integrations with the EOSC-Core and between the components, and on organised handover meetings with case studies to present the BETA components and discuss integration scenarios. 

When it comes to the case studies, there has been significant progress in configuring their integration with the services. For more details on the the case studies development, follow our Podcast Series on Spotify. 

Interested in learning more about the last FAIRCORE4EOSC updates? Download the Project Briefing!

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Project Briefing 7