FAIRCORE4EOSC Podcast Series

We have just launched our Podcast Series which will be examining in depth each of the 5 Case Studies being carried out with in the project. The first episode which has already been release is an introduction to the project with Tommi Suominen, our project coordinator. 

Each episode gathers together several technical and user representatives of our Case Studies to discuss the implementation of the FAIRCORE4EOSC components in their context. FAIRCORE4EOSC is developing 9 new components for research data management, which will be seamlessly integrated with the existing EOSC-Core Services, such as the EOSC MSCR and the EOSC PIDMR, bridging gaps identified in the EOSC Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). 

You can already listen to the first episode of the podcast, a comprehensive project overview given by Tommi Suominen of CSC, project coordinator, which was released on the 19 March. Episodes will be released every 2 weeks. 

Listen to the first episode on Spotify! 

Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon, and explore with us all of FAIRCORE4EOSC Case Studies! 

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