DataCite Open Hours: Co-creating a PID Graph in support of the Open Science community

The next DataCite Open Hours will be dedicated to the upcoming public consultation on the European Open Science Cloud's (EOSC) PID Graph Component. Join us on 5 July 2023 at 17:00 CEST. This edition will provide a comprehensive overview of our latest project focused on supporting service workflows for generating data dumps related to community profiles. Our PID Graph Component encompasses several subcomponents, including PID Graph Nodes Metadata Harvesting, PID Graph Links Metadata Harvesting, PID Graph Nodes Metadata Dumps, Usage Activity Tracking Widget, Usage Activity Processing, Link Capturing Agents, and PID Querying Services. These functionalities are aimed at streamlining the harvesting of the PID Graph metadata, and facilitating the ingestion and reuse of this metadata by the EOSC community and other related services.  

With an emphasis on the interoperability framework for graph data exchange, the PID Graph Component seeks to enhance the exchange and consumption of usage metrics and relational metadata between services. During the consultation, we aim to provide: An understanding of the ongoing PID Graph work under the EOSC. An opportunity for you to provide feedback about the PID Graph work. A platform for you to suggest requirements for your use cases.  

We believe your valuable insights and experiences would greatly benefit the enhancement of this initiative, and we hope that this consultation can likewise provide you with a beneficial perspective on the EOSC's PID Graph work. 

Please refer to the technical specifications at

Who should join

Repository Managers


  • Introduction to the EOSC PID Graph Component (5 min)
  • Presentation of the EOSC PID Graph Sub-Components (10 min)
  • Q&A (10 min)
  • Feedback and Suggestions (30 min)

Download the slides

DataCite Open Hours: Co-creating a PID Graph in support of the Open Science community