Joining the EOSC dots in Horizon Europe - FAIRCORE4EOSC Second Briefing

In the past three months, FAIRCORE4EOSC has continued to work on its mission - enabling EOSC users and providers with the core components that will improve discoverability and interoperability of research outputs. In this second briefing, the project summarised the latest developments to share with the wider EOSC community.

A Step Closer to a FAIR EOSC Ecosystem

The focus of the technical teams has been on collecting the initial set of user requirements and on defining the Technical Specifications. To better meet the users’ needs, the teams conducted interviews with case studies representatives and engaged with users at the EOSC Symposium 2022

The Technical Bridging Team (TBT) was established to coordinate alignment between FC4E, FAIR-IMPACT, the EOSC Association Task Forces, EOSC Future, and other initiatives. Concurrently, the recently launched EOSC Focus will contribute to the technical alignment with other Horizon Europe projects.

A Glimpse Into the Future

In the past months, the case studies focused on collecting requirements for the FAIRCORE4EOSC WP4 and WP5 services. In December, the outcomes of the meetings will be formalised in case study user stories and requirements. Furthermore, after engaging with EOSC Future and the new wave of Horizon Europe EOSC-related projects, it has been agreed to organise joint activities and coordinate on the EOSC messaging.

Hence, the paper covers the most relevant achievements, including progress in FAIRCORE4EOSC operational work and participation in events, technical updates and the next steps the project is working on.

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