ISO standard for the ARDC’s Research Activity Identifier (RAiD) has been published!

ARDC announced that the new international standard for the Research Activity Identifier (RAiD) has been published after 4 years of intensive work on drafting the standard and community consultation.

RAiD is a persistent identifier for research projects, which helps to create a timeline of research activities. The standard provides a high-level definition of the RAiD system and its governance. RAiD helps users to:

  • report and evaluate project outcomes and impact 
  • save time on administration and reporting, through the reducing double-entry of data and ready access to project information 
  • provide better tools for analysis and decision support
  • produce and expose a project’s history, improving transparency and facilitating the understanding and reuse of project outputs like datasets.

RAiD will be introduced to FAIRCORE4EOSC to enable systematic management of information, accurate project reporting and research assessment.