The countdown to the BETA release has begun! - FAIRCORE4EOSC Briefing #5

After an intensive period of reporting the results from the first year of the project’s implementation, the FAIRCORE4EOSC team is moving towards a new phase entailing the beta release.

In the past months, the teams responsible for the 9 Core EOSC Components have advanced their development and refined the respective features. Concurrently, there has also been a substantial progress on the Case Studies since the Kajaani technical meeting. The teams have deployed remarkable effort in coordinating with the core components teams to ensure feasibility of implementation and demonstrate the advantages of exploiting the FAIRCORE4EOSC services.

In the upcoming joint project meeting with FAIR-IMPACT, FAIRCORE4EOSC plans to present the implementation of the new EOSC Core components that will be available in November 2023. Next, the project will engage with external communities and start the work on cross-integration and further development of Case Studies.


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