Research Software Workshop: guidelines and metrics for metadata curation (co-located with RDAP20)

On 24th March 2023, FAIRCORE4OSC and FAIR-IMPACT are conducting the "Research Software Workshop: guidelines and metrics for metadata curation", co-located with the RDA Plenary 2023 in Gothenburg (Sweden).

The workshop will collect existing guidelines for research software and identify the gaps with the Scholarly infrastructures for Research Software (SIRS) Report, from the EOSC Executive Board Working Group Architecture Task Force. The workshop also aims to review CodeMeta initiative vocabulary and its crosswalk table to extend interoperability, as well as discuss curation mechanisms for Research Software to improve the metadata quality.

During the workshop, the strategy pyramid for Culture Change will be discussed as it relates to the European projects FAIR-IMPACT and FAIRCORE4OSC. 

In addition, the work conducted during this workshop will contribute to the FAIR-IMPACT guidelines to archive, reference, describe and cite Research Software and the FAIR-IMPACT metrics for FAIR Research Software. The goals consist on:

  • Identifying what we have - what is the current landscape of guidelines and metrics for Research Software;
  • Discussing what we need - what are the needs that can be provided by infrastructures and research support staff;
  • Planning how we create adapted guidelines and metrics to the current reality and how we improve the scholarly ecosystem.

Interested and active members of the academic software community are invited to join us on 24 March between 9:00-12:00 CET. The workshop will be held in Lindholmen Conference Centre in Gothenburg (Sweden), Decibel Room.


 Time  Title

Introduction and overview of the workshop

Parallel Groups
9:30-10:45 Session A: Descriptive metadata - curation tools and workflows
  • Discussion how metadata curation can support Research Software
  • The case of the HAL deposit and the moderation process
  • Group activity: Collect use cases and best practices to identify what metadata properties are needed
  • Discuss improvements of existing tools (e.g: codemeta-generator) and guidelines

Session B: Metrics for FAIR Research Software 

  • Reuse metadata and interoperability formats and standards
  • Review the CodeMeta initiative vocabulary and its crosswalk table and how it can be use with FAIRness assessment 
  • Discussion
    • How these metrics can be used to improve the discoverability, access, interoperability and reuse of research software
    • How to extend interoperability and improve the quality of metadata through the use of the vocabulary
    • What are the criterias for trustworthy RS repositories

Group activity: Collect indicators that can be used for Research Software metrics

10:45-11:15 Networking Coffee Break
11:15-11:30 Report back from parallel session

Plan how we create adapted guidelines and metrics to the current reality and how we improve the scholarly ecosystem

  • Summarize the main points covered during the workshop
  • Lead open discussion with the task leads from the FAIR-IMPACT projects and Work Package 6 Research Software lead from the FAIRCORE4EOSC project.
  • Discuss next steps for participants to continue contributing in the Research Software space in Open Science.

Visit the official event page to register and learn more.

Research Software Workshop
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