FAIRCORE4EOSC Kick-off Meeting

The FAIRCORE4EOSC (FC4E) kick-off meeting took place on 29 and 30 June 2022 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The kick-off meeting provided a strong basis for the project activities by sharing knowledge and discussing the work to be done. It was also a great opportunity for consortium members to meet and to get to know each other.

Please find below the streaming of the introductory public session held on 29 June.


  • Welcome - Tommi Suominen (Project Coordinator, CSC)
  • The EC views and expectations - Peter Szegedi (European Commission, DG CNECT) Download
  • The current EOSC technical landscape - Mark van de Sanden (SURF) Download
  • FAIRCORE4EOSC objectives and expected impact, FC4E in the EOSC context - Tommi Suominen (CSC) Download
  • FAIR-IMPACT and discussion on collaboration - Ingrid Dillo (DANS-KNAW) Download
FAIRCORE4EOSC Kick-off Meeting
Internal event
Amsterdam, Netherlands