FAIRCORE4EOSC Joins the All-Hands Meeting in The Hague

FAIRCORE4EOSC is taking part in the FAIR-IMPACT All-Hands Meeting in The Hague from October 4th to 6th to evaluate progress and chart future directions. This event promises a valuable opportunity for in-person collaboration, allowing participants to celebrate milestones and review accomplishments thus far.

The meeting's agenda is thoughtfully designed to encompass plenary sessions, illuminating the project's trajectory, as well as task sessions intended to foster constructive discussions. Additionally, parallel meetings will delve into specific topics, facilitating a focused exchange of ideas. The collaborative spirit that runs through the FAIR-IMPACT community remains a central focus of the consortium, reflecting its commitment to collective success.

Notably, this event serves as an ideal platform for collaborative interactions with our sister project, FAIR IMPACT. The cross-pollination of knowledge and expertise between these projects is pivotal in our joint pursuit of common objectives.

Stay tuned for updates as we convene in The Hague to propel the FAIR-IMPACT mission forward and strengthen our bonds with like-minded projects such as FAIRCORE4EOSC. Together, we're driving progress in the world of research and data sharing.

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FAIRCORE4EOSC Joins the All-Hands Meeting in The Hague
External event
Hague, the Netherlands