FAIR Digital Object Forum Workshop: Overview about FDO/PID related Projects

On 30 March 2023, FAIR Digital Object (FDO) Forum organised a workshop providing an “Overview about FDO/PID related Projects.” This workshop gathered several projects, such as BioDT, DICE, EOSC Focus, FAIRCORE4EOS, FAIR IMPACT, Skills4EOSC, and several PID working groups, present projects currently being funded or in a planning phase that have a relation to PIDs and/or FDOs and which have not yet presented in the realm of FDOF.

Tommi Suominen, CSC – IT Center for Science and FAIRCORE4EOSC Coordinator, took part in the workshop and presented the project initiative in developing EOSC-Core components to enable a FAIR EOSC ecosystem.

Learn more from his presentation here


FAIR Digital Object Forum Workshop
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