Enhancing Research Data Management with EUDAT and FAIRCORE4EOSC

Thank you for joining us for an insightful webinar that aims to shed light on how the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure and the FAIRCORE4EOSC project are innovating the European research data management landscape. This webinar provides an in-depth look at how the components developed in the FAIRCORE4EOSC project are enhancing the research data services provided by EUDAT to support FAIR research life cycles.

Whether you are a researcher, a data scientist, or a policy-maker, this webinar will offer you valuable insights into the future of research data management in Europe. Register now to secure your spot!

Who should attend?

  • Research Communities: Researchers from various disciplines who are interested in data management and FAIR data principles.
  • Data and Computing Centres: Professionals who are part of data and computing centres across Europe and are interested in integrated data services.
  • EOSC Service Providers & RDM Communities: Entities that are part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) ecosystem and are interested in research data management (RDM).
  • Policy Makers: Individuals who are involved in policy-making related to data management and open science.
  • Academic Institutions: Universities and research centres that are looking to enhance their data management capabilities.
  • Current users of B2FIND and B2SHARE: Find out how the services that you are using will be improved in the future.


Time (CET) Title
11:00 Introduction and moderation
Zach Smith (Trust-IT Services)
11:05 EUDAT Overview
Mark van de Sanden (SURF)

Tommi Suominen (CSC)


B2FIND enhancement with FAIRCORE4EOSC components
Heinrich Widmann (DKRZ)


B2SHARE enhancement with FAIRCORE4EOSC components
Harri Hirvonsalo (CSC)

11:45 Panel and Audience Q&A
Zach Smith (Trust-IT Services)

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