e-IRG Workshop under Czech EU Presidency

On 13 December 2022, FAIRCORE4EOSC took part in the session on "Interlinking - interaction between data, publications and PIDs" during the e-IRG Workshop under Czech Presidency in Prague, Czechia.

Gabriela Mejias, one of the FAIRCORE4EOSC partner, presented the persistent identifiers (PID) and their associated metadata as a graph. This presentation introduced the PID Graph developed by DataCite and discussed how the community could both contribute to and benefit from this important infrastructure.

The e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) organises two open workshops every year, each under the auspices of the corresponding EU presidency. This year's e-IRG Workshop organised in the framework of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the Union will be used to further the topic of coordination and collaboration among e-Infrastructures. Furthermore, the workshop will be used to address an actual topic related to e-infrastructures: the current energy crisis and its impact on e-infrastructures.

On day 2, data, scholarly information about their exploitation from publications, and all kinds of identifiers need to be interlinked to provide an ecosystem that is machine-actionable and "fair enough. Thus, the session will be used to discuss possible approaches to such interlinking and interactions. The status of affairs in each of the related areas will be reviewed, and views on their interlinking will be proposed. For example, knowledge graphs provide structured information and a means to interconnect different types of research artifacts (e.g., publications, data, software, samples, instruments). Whereas data management plans provide information about the data itself and where it is stored. Persistent identifiers are also crucial in providing unique means for registration, findability, and provenance of such artifacts. Experts will reflect on the interlinking of all these topics and on policy approaches for their harmonisation and interoperability.

To learn more about this session, visit the e-IRG Workshop official page.

e-IRG Workshop under Czech EU Presidency
External event
Prague, Czechia