CRIS2024 Conference

EuroCRIS proudly presents CRIS 2024, in collaboration with the RIS Synergy Project and with generous support from TU Wien and the University of Vienna.

CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) 2024 marks the sixteenth edition of our biennial conference series dedicated to enhancing the availability and accessibility of research information systems across Europe. This event caters to a diverse audience, including managers of research-performing and funding institutions, evaluators, librarians, ICT experts, and policymakers. As a non-profit professional association and custodian of the Common European Research Information Format (CERIF), euroCRIS leads the charge in advancing CRIS expertise and standards across the continent.

FAIRCORE4EOSC Pre-Workshop at CRIS2024

Adding to the anticipation, FAIRCORE4EOSC will conduct a pre-workshop at the CRIS2024 on 14th May 2024 in Vienna, Austria. This workshop offers interested adopters a unique opportunity to explore the hands-on adoption of FAIRCORE4EOSC components. Distinguished partners, including Tommi Suominen, Joonas Kesäniemi, Hans Lienhop, and Clifford Tatum, will present FAIRCORE4EOSC components to potential adopters, including research information management experts from various sectors.

The overarching theme of CRIS 2024 is "Emerging Trends for International Collaboration in the CRIS Domain," highlighting the opportunities presented by collaborative initiatives such as the CRISCROS WG. Participants will have the chance to discuss and learn from best practices in research information management adopted by fellow projects. The event aims to unite diverse perspectives on CRIS implementation, ultimately facilitating smoother and more effective mechanisms for research information exchange and aggregation.

From Open Science implementation to business intelligence and research assessment, interoperability mechanisms offer exciting opportunities to enhance research information management processes across various domains.

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Vienna, Austria