18th International Digital Curation Conference

The 18th edition of the International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC24) is set to convene in Edinburgh, Scotland, from the 19th to 21st February 2024. Under the overarching theme of "Trust through Transparency," IDCC24 aims to explore various perspectives within our communities on fostering trust in an age where misinformation is rampant, particularly in the context of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence.

Organised by the Digital Curation Center with support from the Coalition for Network Information, IDCC24 will delve into the importance of transparency in promoting trust across different roles within the research ecosystem. Whether it's researchers generating data, repositories curating it, or users accessing and reusing it, transparency plays a critical role in building trust.


On February 19, FAIRCORE4EOSC is collaborating with the FAIR-IMPACT project on a joint workshop for “Defining the criteria for assessing PID Policies and Services.”

PIDs (persistent identifiers) are a key component of the FAIR data principles. A wide range of policies and services exist to manage and create PIDs in the research ecosystem. How can the characteristics of PID policies and PID services be assessed? This is the central issue of this workshop. The workshop, organised by the FAIR-IMPACT project, aims to support the adoption of FAIR-enabling services and technology, such as PID-related core components developed by the FAIRCORE4EOSC project.

In the workshop, we present and discuss ways to assess the compliance of PID policies. We present the FAIRCORE4EOSC approach to assess PID compliance and we draft ideas on support for this that FAIR-IMPACT can provide. The workshop is relevant for PID service providers, PID managers, PID owners and PID policymakers.

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Find out more about this event on the official webpage: https://www.dcc.ac.uk/events/idcc24.

18th International Digital Curation Conference
External event
Edinburgh, Scotland